Ludwig Vibraband mounting hardware

I've seen several types of makes/brands/etc. of mounting brackets/hardware attached to these. It seems the Ludwig Vibraband had just one mounting hole/slot (where a clamp would attach). I recently purchased a set for my vintage clear Vistalite 12" and 13" rack toms. I plan to continue the use of the 70s-era stock twin-post mounting system. Would the period correct P-1216D floor tom leg mounting brackets do the trick?


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I'm guessing it would I think they are the same diameter.
There must be different types of Ludwig Vibrabands. The older ones I have look like this:


The new ones look different.
I think your current mounts would bolt right up to the older style.

If I had your setup with the newer band,
I think I'd probably just line up your mounts on the bands and drill another hole in the band at the position where you want them.
Make sure it'll work for you before doing any drilling though. :unsure:
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