Ludwig drum head equivalent?

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So my Black Beauty came with the Ludwig "Heavy" drum head. It has taken a beating and need to replace it. The Ludwig's heads are so expensive? What would be the equivalent head from Remo or Evans? The Ludwig Heavy, seems to be fairly thick. Thanks for the info


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The Ludwig heavy drum head is a coated 10 mil head. The hoops and film are crimp locked together. The medium weight film is 7 mils, like a Diplomat.

Ludwig stopped manufacture of most of their heads including my all time fav, the 10 mil smooth white

Once I use up my stock that's it, sad face

Remo Ambassador or Evans G1 are equivalents to the Ludwig heavy, in weight. They use a glue channel for to secure the film to the hoop. I feel Ludwig coated heavies are a little too dead but a lot of drummers love them and say that if you want the actual BB sound, you have to use these heads. Which is debatable.

Ludwig coated heavies sound different than any coated head I've tried. A tad deader to my ear.

Ludwig really should still be manufacturing the coated heavy heads. They come with Black Beauties, so they need supplies of them.
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Ludwig really should still be manufacturing the coated heavy heads. They come with Black Beauties, so they need supplies of them.
Ludwig does still make their own heads for 12-14" snares (also concert bass drums and timpani.) I'm not absolutely sure about the Heavy head, but I would assume they do. unfortunately, few dealers carry Ludwig heads, so they need to be ordered and may be more expensive with shipping.

My all-time favorite snare batter is the Evans ST (Super Tough.) It's sensitive, bright and lively despite being a 2-ply head (which also makes it a bit more durable.)

There's an ST Dry (with vent holes) that I use on a few snares that like to howl, but the regular ST is ideal on almost all of my snares, wood or metal, deep or shallow.


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Remo makes most of the Ludwig heads now including the silver dots, but Ludwig still offer Weathermaster coated Heavy, coated Medium, and snare side heads. We have a stock of 14" WM Heavy coated heads at 2112 Percussion, but yeah, not cheap.

I think the closest head soundwise is an Aquarian Modern Vintage Heavy. But of course it's custard-colored.


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I can’t agree about the Aquarian MV Heavy. I have several of them and they sit unused, while the Ludwig heavy is one of my favorites. The Aquarians are actually heavy, unlike the Ludwigs.


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Currently have a Coated Ambassador on my BB. The original Ludwig Heavy will go on when the Remo needs replacing. :)