Looking to buy an 18" Ludwig badge floor tom tom in Black Diamond Pearl. Anyone??


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Hi everyone. Lifelong drummer who is new to this forum. I play 1969 Ludwig badge maple drums. Only replaced the heads ( tops - Remo Ambassador coated heads; bottoms - Remo Ambassador clear heads) and some tension rods (only the snare and bass drums had both heads) to add bottom heads. I currently have https://speedtest.vet/ https://vidmate.bid/ all Zildjian Series A cymbals...bought them new...22" ride, 20" medium crash, 18" fast crash, 17" thin crash, 14" effects crash, 12" thin crash, 10" medium crash and 14" high hats. Recently went back to a double kick for my bass... a Tama Cobra 9000. I play Vic Worth 5A rockers. Hope to share and enjoy stories, experiences, tips and other worthy information. I am awaiting delivery of two cymbals I just bought.
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