Looking to buy a new kit.


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Hi, just wondering, what kit I should get, I think my limit is about..$2000 Canadian?
I'm looking for a good kit beacuse right now I have a PV(R) 500 Drum Kit
and it's absolutely horrible..it's 3rd hand, the snare's all battered up, the toms have been treated really badly and stuff..

I'm also wondering, if I can get any of the Electric Drum kits, whether they're better than acoustic or whatever..
I live in a quiet neighbourhood, but actually they don't mind my drumming, and for you in Canada who can give me advice, I live in West Vancouver so, up in British Properties..

Please give me tons of advice, I'm around intermediate, but looking to use this kit with my band and just playing at home, I use my kit about 5 hours a day..so something good.
Please e-mail me at tim167246@gmail.com..or just write in this forum please.

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I played on a Roland V Drums kit which is supposed to be like the best electronic kit out there and I didn't like it at all. It's all your personal preference but that was my experience.

$2000 is a pretty good budget and you'll be able to get a good kit for that price. If you buy used (which I highly recommend) you can get at least a semi-pro kit in excellent condition for that money.

You didn't provide a lot of specifics on what you were looking for I.E. - how big a kit, what wood, what sound, what music you play, do you prefer a particular brand, do you need cymbals or hardware included, etc??

There's a ton of great stuff out there so any extra info you can provide us would help us help you.

The best advice you'll get is play/try as many different drums as you can to figure out what you want, and buy used because you'll get a lot more for a lot less.


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I would like the drums to have atleast..3 toms, double bass pedal, two crash, a ride and a snare, hi-hat.

I play mainly R&B and gospel,

I have just about one room to myself for the drums, a room meaning about..Hmm.

a room that fits, 2 king sized beds. yeah, that's how big it is.mmmh

actually, should I just keep my kit, add a double pedal, add 2 crashes, couple of toms..
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If you're happy with your kit, then by all means, keep it.
If I were you I would opt for getting another kit because you have the budget to get something pretty damn nice - and I assure you, you'll fall in love with your kit if you get something that 'does it' for you. You can probably get a few bucks for your current kit too making the purchase a bit easier.
There's different grades of cymbals, pedals etc. out there so when you say you want all that stuff included, did you mean top-of-the-line or just something that works? I ask because there are huge price differences between the cheap stuff and the good stuff.


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Start shopping on eBay. Even if just to do research. The market is flooded with drum kits right now. Used pro-level kits are selling for around $1K. That's only half your budget. Put the "other half" into cymbals and hardware upgrades, you can have a totally sweet kit for $2K.


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yeah my Peavey drums sucks and I have those Peavey ride and hi-hat, I DON"T even have a crash..but it's my birthday on the 24th and I'm going to ..probably extend my set..Should I buy a double pedal or another bass.

I'm deciding, what should I get, Zildjian crash or Sabian?
Any splashes? I play gospel and classic rock and funk.
Limit 2000 dollars Canadian. ( Livin in West Vancouver)


I'm wondering if I can record with my drum kit, it rings a bit and I've tuned to the max, anyway I can STOP the ringing and what mics I should get, if that'll solve it and what software I should get for recording, I have a crappy laptop to work on Windows XP or a Windows 95 ..it's pretty crappy, I know, anyways, please get back to me and my LIMIT is 2000 dollars.

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I think harryconway summed it up quite nicely for you and I agree with his idea. I always recommend buying used. I found both my kits on Kijiji and got sweet deals on both of them. I suggest you check Kijiji even before ebay cuz it's all local stuff so you won't have to pay for shipping and you can 'try before you buy'.

If you're at the point where you want to start recording then you should upgrade your kit and cymbals. Any set of drums can be recorded and with mixing/editing they can make anything sound OK....but that's if you want to settle for OK.

Zildjian and Sabian both make tons of great cymbals - you need to go try them out for yourself and figure out which cymbals give you the sound you're looking for. Splashes are cool and inexpensive as far as cymbals go. If you think you could incorporate their sound into your music then go for it. If you don't need them immediately, then wait a bit. Good ones sell for $90 - $120 (cdn) new so it's a cheap addition you can add at any time. I have a 10" and a 12" and I love them both.

A double pedal is both cheaper and more practical than two bass drums because the drum is far more expensive than the double pedal and you'd have to buy a single pedal for the second bd anyway. Plus carrying two bd's around is a pain in the @$$.

Dampening rings are a great way to stop your drums from ringing too much...and their dirt cheap. Unfortunately, I don't know enough about mics to offer any advice on them.

Hope that helps,



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Shop around, research, be patient, play as many kits as you can, listen to as many kits as you can, be patient, look at used gear as well as new, be patient. You can get a nice kit for 2000.