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A few quick questions. When posting:

  1. how do I create a link to a member's name so that it posts as a link with the member's name underline? Can it link to a post of theirs that I want to refer to or only to their bio as I seem to recall?
  2. how do I rename a page link I insert in a post to something other than the url that would normally show in the post?

I've seen members on here do these before, but I don't know how. Can anyone tell me? Thanks.


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Hi Beat,

1a. Type the @ sign followed by (with no space) their username. Once you start typing the username, a drop-down list should appear with potential completions and you can select the desired user. Example: @beatdat

You can also highlight, copy & paste their username from next to their avatar at the top of a message. Example: beatdat

Some options here as well...

Selecting the Reply link at the lower right of their post will embed a collapsed version of that post in your reply. Then when previewed or submitted, clicking on their username at the top of the embedded post will take you to the original post. Example:
A few quick questions. When posting:
... etc. ...

If the post is in another thread, you can do the same process in that thread, but highlight, cut & paste the QUOTE text from that thread into the desired thread. Example:
I'm not sure how you found this five year old thread, but I'm glad you did. Please let us know if the OP gets back to you.

I'd like to know if this platform stops impact vibrations and sound from travelling upstairs. I'm on the lower level of a two story with two bedrooms directly above me, and I can't practice on the pads once the family goes to sleep.

Anyone know of this design? Is it as good as it looks?

Alternatively, you can also click the post number at the top right of the post in the other thread, and copy & paste the URL from that browser window. Example:

2. Click the “chain link” icon near the top right of the reply dialog box, enter the URL and the desired text to display in its place. Example:
Beatdat’s Riser Post

Best regards!
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Thanks @fl.tom - I learned a few things!