LIGHTWEIGHT extra hihat stand/holder?


Talking about these:


Which one is the most LIGHTWEIGHT?

It's not easy to find real information on weight of hardware sometimes!! And someimtes I've seen weight specs that actually differs a lot once I've bought something.

Why do I want a LIGHTWEIGHT of thse?

Because when I'm flying out to play gigs and tours I want to have my packing as lightweight as posible!!!

Help out, which one is MOST LIGHTWEIGHT ?

I have a TAMA one right now. I dont remember the exact weight.
But there should be smething more lightweight

'Ok so please help me out now okay guys?!?!


Ok but I'm not looking to attach it to a snare :p:p

I want my extra hihat on the RIDE SIDE of the kit.
This is my stuff :cool::cool::cool::cool::cool::cool::cool: