Legendary drum set - Kentucky Headhunters!


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I got to play a show with the Kentucky Headhunters last weekend. Here are a ton of pics I took of this incredible kit.









After we played our set, I ran into this guy:


The drums sounded awesome, and they put on a great show!


"Uncle Larry"
Martin that's awesome. Great pic of you too!

And you managed to keep your head, way to go!

If I was the leader of that band I'd have all the heads I chopped off hung on the stage.


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Cool kit and pics!

What's the rubber tubing coming out of one of the toms for?
Gavin H used tubing like that on Dave Letterman's drum solo week. Great solo... Anyway, I like the kit and the band. We do a couple of cover tunes by them and they are always among my favs to play. People love em too...


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man, those pics just altered reality for me...so much history that you got to be close to!!! I don't think I would have kept my composure even during set up


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I touched them. :)


that reminds me of when my high school band did our first ever pro recording in a studio, and the 2" tape machine there had been the one Styx had used for Crystal Ball and Grand Illusion...and I just sat there and stared at it thinking" man, what that machine had done for the world of rock music. How much of a part of it that it had been. It had recorded legendary music....had archived it." I was 16 at the time...new to all of the future possibilities that the studio would bring to me

And Styx had been the nucleus band for me to grow from kids music into adult music back in the 70's. It is becasue of Styx, DAve Brubeck and Rush that I chose to pursue music, so there was extra "weight" in that moment for me

It was situated right next to one of the couches in the control room, and I sat next to it the whole time, sort of "leaning" against it. I had to soak in all of that mojo...