Left foot control problem


I can do 8ths at 140 to 150 clean with my left foot. Obviously this is a problem when trying to get faster double bass. Are there any control exercises I could do besides playing songs and grooves with my left?
Maybe some quickness response work (fast twitch work), like playing double strokes instead of singles starting at a slower tempo?
I'll play Can't Get Enough of Your Love by Bad Company but doing doubles every down and back beat (correct terms?). Instead of the normal boombasnap of a kick and snare, I play baboom baboom with the snap snare on the last kick boom. You'll really hear if you're off when at the snare backbeat. It's a b...., but it helps me overall.
Then some stamina singles work, doing twice as many consecutive lefts as right strokes.
long shot here; works moreso for HH left - might work (dunno) for double bass
and I'm feeling generous.

"tell ya a little secret
take your heel off the pedal (one or both) hh/bd
(usually just the hh)
Ground your heel. Stabilize(s) your upper body
don't tell anyone I told you.
you didn't read this message.
it didn't exist."

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