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Hey guys

Just wondering whether anyone has any idea if there are drumkits smaller than fusion kits for ages 3+. My youngest daughter who's soon to be 3 had a go on my mate's drumkit a while ago and seemed to get into it. So I found a cheap toy drumkit and bought it for her.

I noticed that the pedal is absolutely crap (was made out of a single piece of plastic), so attempted to make a set of doublekicks for her (again all the information about how they are made I got from youtube tutorials, and by just looking at what they look like online).

Long story short - this is now few weeks into it and she's still perceiving with this crappy toy drumkit and my monstrosity of a pedal setup, so I'm trying to see whether there are any proper drumkits out there for kids this young? The guy at the local shop said that fusion is as small as they go and that it won't be any use to her until she's at least 5 or 6. When I search online I either find those types of kits or toys. So figured I'll ask some experts on here, maybe someone's seen something smaller out there which might do the trick.

Below is a pic of the "kit" she's using now:

Here is also a clip of the double kicks i attempted to make:

I'm guessing this whole thing won't be helping her technique or might give her bad habits, etc. So the idea is to move her off this crap onto something proper sooner rather than later.

Any suggestions are appreciated.


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I have a Yamaha Rydeen bop kit with 18" BD, 10" tom, 13" floor tom and a 13' snare. Perfect sizes for a fairly small child, but still a 'real' drum kit. Unfortunately they don't make Rydeens anymore, and the newer bop kits with 18" bass drums have slightly larger toms.

Any of the 16" bass drum 'street' kits or pod kits would probably work well, such as the Sonor Martini, Ludwig Questlove breakbeat, Gretsch club street or the Pearl Rhythm Traveller pod kit.


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This Pulse 3-Piece Deluxe Junior kit on Musician's Friend is the smallest I could find and it has extremely favorable reviews with 200 ratings averaging a score of 4.5/5

I read some of the reviews and I'm seeing lots of people saying this kit worked great for 3 year olds! This is not a toy as the kit is made from actual poplar shells. The dimensions are:

16x12 kick
10x4 snare
8x4 tom

It also comes with the throne, hi hat with stand, cymbal with stand, and a pair of drumsticks plus a drum key.

If you were looking to get something a little higher quality that would last longer that she could grow into, then check out the PDP Player kit.

This one also comes with all the cymbals (10" hat 12" crash) and hardware and the following sizes:

18x14 kick
12x5 snare
8x5 tom
10x5 tom
12x10 floor

Even though this kit is a little bit bigger, it's marketed for children ages 3-7 although I don't see why someone older couldn't use this as a street/bop kit!