Kick drum mics


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The e902 (and also e602, practically the same thing) is completely under the radar and amazing. For some reason, those mics are not brought up often and I'd venture a guess that they'd be far more popular if more people heard and tried them. They're along the lines if the D6 but more natural. The D6 can sound kind of electronic for lack of a better description. The 902 and 602 give you a similar scooped sound, but in a much more pleasant and pleasing way.


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The B52 is the most common. But I find it only sounds right in one position. Right at the sound hole.
AT25 is great at changing it's sound depending on position.
For live, I prefer the e602. That one is still scooped, but it can be adjusted with positioning. The old metal version is better than the new plastic one.
The D6 is best if you want a clicky sound, great for metal drums with fast kick work.

In the studio at home I pick between E12 and ND868 and MZ204 depending on what I am going for. (Inside), Outside I use 170R or Groove tubes MD3, or AA-CM47ve. Depends on what mic's are used on other things and what kinds of overheads are in use.

Recording hacks has some great mic shoot outs.


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I've owned or used pretty much every standard kick mic under the sun, and have landed on two RE20s, a D12E, and an ND868. I'd love another 868. If I were to get another kick mic and couldn't find an 868 it would probably be a Heil PR48 or two.

The Beta 52 always sounded like it was clipping (it does this "pop" on the attack that I really don't want), the D6 was way too scooped (I can always take out midrange if I need it), and both of those lacked girth in a mix, the e902 was light on the bottom end, the D112 has no punch, the Beta 91 was cool but I prefer a dynamic like an RE20 or MD421 or even the D12E inside the kick. I use a U47fet clone on the front head, to the point where I sold my Subkick, which I probably shouldn't have done, but I rarely want only more 60Hz.

One of the coolest kick sounds we ever got in session at college was an AT4047 in cardioid, inside the kick, pointed at the front head.

In fact, I actually made a comparison of the kick mics I had about two and a half years ago:


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I believe I'll like an AKG D112 or Senn MD421 theoretically (they have a full not scooped frequency response). I've bought my self a D112 but've yet to have the opportunity to play out with it. When I used to play out, I used a Shure Beta 52 (or SM57 sometimes) which seemed to sound okay out front. The MD421 is a bit rich for my blood, even a used one seems just a bit more than what I'd spend on a single mic. If the studio has one, on the other hand...


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For live, I prefer the e602. That one is still scooped, but it can be adjusted with positioning. The old metal version is better than the new plastic one.
The new e602 is aluminium, not plastic. I really like the sound of the new e602!
And its lighter weight sits better at the end of a small boom stand.


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One of the most popular models is the AKG D112 (the successor of the ancient D12 microphone, which many have already forgotten). Others good options include Sennheiser e602 and e904, Beyerdynamic M99 and Opus 99, Electrovoice ND868 and Shure Beta 52.


I don't have much to contribute here because I've used the same cheap cad km212 for 15+ years now and it works fine haha. But I certainly understand and respect the value in and want for higher quality gear.