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I play 14" hats, 17" crash, and 20" ride - all K Custom Dark.

I wasn't necessarily trying to be matchy, but I liked the dynamics of each individually and the tonality of the mix.

As I expand my kit from a 1up/1down to a bigger setup, I want to add more cymbals - most likely another crash and maybe a splash.

For those of you who play K Custom Darks, what else do you play in your mix? I'm open to just about anything, but leaning away from the (over) brightness of A Customs.
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I play mostly Ks and K Customs. On my studio kit, my crashes are (from L to R): 17” K Custom Dark, 19” K Sweet and 18” A Custom EFX. Additionally, my ride is a 22” A Avedis and my hi hats are 14” K Custom Special Dry (the original series from the early 2000s, not the more recent Special Dry reissues). I also have a cymbal stack consisting of a 16" K EFX crash on top of an 18" A Custom EFX (which means I have two 18" A Custom EFX crashes on this kit) and a 10" A Custom EFX splash. And while I agree with you about A Customs in general, I find that the EFX crashes/splashes have a darker sound to them that help them mix better with my Ks.

On my gigging kit, my crashes are (from L to R): 17” K Dark Thin, 19” K Dark Thin and 18” K Custom Dark. On this kit, my ride is a 22” K Light Ride and my hats are 14” K Light. I also use a 7" Sabian HHX splash inverted over the 17" K Dark Thin crash.

This is how I'm currently set up, but I occasionally swap cymbals around on my two kits. I have other cymbals too, but these are the most relevant to your question. Hope this helps!


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I've listened to a range of choices in person and online and I'm landing on crashes that are different enough to make the decision harder than if I ended up with finalists in the same series.
A. A series Thin
B. K Dark Thin
And I'm not sure of size - 16" = more cut, 17" = darker quality, 18" = nice wash.


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You should consider an 18" or 19" K Sweet. The kit at my church has a 17" K Custom Dark and a 19" K Sweet crash. They pair well together. I like the K Sweet much more actually. It's very satisfying to hit.


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You should consider an 18" or 19" K Sweet. The kit at my church has a 17" K Custom Dark and a 19" K Sweet crash. They pair well together. I like the K Sweet much more actually. It's very satisfying to hit.
I agree. My 17” K Custom Dark pairs magically well with my 19” K Sweet Crash, yet there’s enough difference in sound to give this pair some variety. I would absolutely recommend exploring this combination.


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I have a 20" K Custom Dark coupled with a 20" K Dark Thin Crash. I got it from Elevation Worship. It sounds so beautiful because the K Dark Thin is a lot more mellow compared to the K Custom Dark. I love having the two for worship and find them very versatile.

My take from owning the crash is getting one that has a more tame/mellow sound to go with it.


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I have a 17" K Custom Dark China. And I love it. I'm now looking to add a 17" or 18" crash and a K Custom Dark might be just the thing to go with my 16" medium crash. Definitely nice cymbals.


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I love my KCD hats and ride, but the 16 and 18 KCD crashes I've got sound a bit too dark to me.
Just an odd thing, but I have 16 and 18 A Fast crashes that sound to me like what a crash should sound like.

Depends on what you'd be using them for too.
Too bright of a crash sound might not mix well with low key, dark all around stuff.

I actually don't use crashes, but the K Sweet idea mentioned sounds like it might be a good fit.


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My main crash is the 18" K Custom Dark Crash and the other is the 19" K Dark Thin Crash. They go beautifully together. I find that the K Custom is a tad brighter than the K, but still has those nice dark undertones to it. I use a lot of other cymbals/brands and it's all personal ofcourse.

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I have a 22” K Custom Dry Complex Ride that I actually don’t like. As mainly a rock player, its trashy sound just doesn’t work for my style. It’s a great ride though.

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I have a 20” Custom Dark Ride. It has a nice crash and doesn’t get away from me but it’s kind of just uninteresting. I definitely can’t play it right after playing my Istanbul jazz ride. The Istanbul is in another category of sound quality. Maybe I’m spoiled by that cymbal or maybe it’s the music I’m playing but I’ll probably end up trading the Custom.


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I have 20" K custom Flat ride, 20" Med ride and an 18" K custom Dark Crash. The 22" K custom Dark rides have entirely under my radar and the thinner ones sound really nice to me that are pleasingly crash-able and nice bell. As much as I like my newer 22" Kerope, it doesn't fit all volume ranges.


In my krautrock band I have a 20” KCD as main ride. In this setup I also use a 20” Paiste 602 Flat ride, a pair of old 14” New Beat hihats, and a very thin (app. 1520 g) 20” Turk Ride (Agop?) as LSR. This last one crashes beautifully, as does the KCD.

The KCD is a nice ride and I will never part with it. But I agree with Mr Farkle above that it isn’t particularly interesting. Perfect for the kind of rock I play though, with a very piercing bell.