Jojo Mayer:...some Classic Videos


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Nice hair Jojo!

Thanks for the videos, the push pull video is going to be watched many times before I can get the hang of it.

king fail

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we totally need to get someone to start transcribing that solo :p


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Thank you thank you thank you Bernhard!

Daviddrummer, the crappy, poorly cut one on youtube was in black and white. When I saw the photo for this latest addition I couldn;t believe I could finally watch this particular Jojo vid in colour and without some dodgy editing. Another victory for drummerworld over youtube!

Nice one

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Cool seeing the vids in color lol. The solo is just ridiculous.


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Jojo is insane. More chops than a room full of Elvis impersonators!!


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Thanks Bernhard. These were some of the first videos I actually saw on drummerworld and the first time I discovered JoJo. I was glad to say the least when I did!


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that's true. he looks diabolic, hahaha. first vids of jojo for me too. can't thank that guy and bernhard, enough.

amazing, amazing site, this.

I wil have to agree...great to see these vids and this site ROCKS nothing compares there are no others...truly a place to gain inspiration, knowledge, and comradery. Thanks Bernhard!


Raymond Bloom

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What can I add more... These Jojo videos were also the first ones I watched in It's really cool that this place exists, more power to Bernhard and drummerworld!