It's nice to hear!


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Since we put our band together a few years ago I have played without a fold back monitor. The 3 blokes out front have them but our system did not have enough for me. I relied on straining to hear through my ear plugs , watching carefully and winks , nods etc from the guitarists re significant points in songs just to be certain. Crude, I know but I got by. My brother, who does a lot of sound tech work for theatrical stage musicals had long cautioned me about IEM's and the dangers. However , I got tired of straining to hear and after some research on DW I finally invested in a Behringer P2. I already had good earphones that I used at home. I managed to set up the P2 at our practice the other day for the first time and just with the vocals running into it. There was some bleed from the guitars into the vocal mics so I had some of that as well. I could not believe the difference it made - obviously in being able to hear really ,really clearly, but more importantly , in my view , to my confidence in playing. I just felt more assured in everything I played. It's one of those times where you say , I wish I had done it years ago. BTW, generally speaking, what do others take in their mix through their earphones. We have a bass and 2 guitarists who do the vocals.


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Don't know if I'd get on with in ears. I might feel a bit alienated. I want a bit of everything generally with attention to vocals and more bass guitar