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Please forgive a newbie question, but number of “pieces” continues to confuse me, particulary if the snare is counted or not. I think all posts in this thread consistently include the snare in the count but elsewhere I’ve seen it to be different.

An example is this “5 piece” kit on Sweetwater. I’ll post the link but mods please remove it if not ok.

Thx for any clarification. Jon

Shell packs can come with or without a snare.
It means you're getting just the drums, and not hardware, cymbals, throne, etc.

Here's a shell pack with a snare:

and here's a shell pack without a snare:

It's usually when people are talking about their own set that the number of pieces they use is brought up, and that usually includes a snare.
For example - "I use a 4 pc. set, or a 5 pc.set." Most drummers use a snare, so they include that.

Then there's also the oddball number of pcs. you see in ads on CL and other places.
It's not unusual to see people include rototoms or cymbals when they count the number of pieces,
but that's not accurate, and most people who see it just laugh at it.

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OP, sorry to temporarily derail your post. Thx for the education. Now back to our originally scheduled program….