Is there any reason to buy Ludwig hardware over something from the "big 3"?

I need a full complement of hardware for the kit I'm leaving at our rehearsal space (hat stand, snare stand, and 2-3 boom stands strong enough to hold a tom)
The kit is a Ludwig (just an Accent but the higher end lacquered 100% birch one).

Part of me sorts of want to match the hardware to the kit.

But looking at Ludwig hardware, I really don't see a strong value proposition compared to DW/Tama/Pearl (or even I guess Gibraltar)

The only thing that sets them apart that I can see is how the flat base stands have these adjustable rubber foots so you can more easily place them closer together... But I'm not a fan of flat base hardware anyway.

I rarely see Ludwig hardware mentioned anywhere (except the cool Atlas stuff to mount a tom to a kick without drilling)

Am I missing something? Does it have any redeeming quality beyond brand loyalty?


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The only real reason to get Ludwig hardware is because you think you want it

Ludwigs hardware is as good as anybody else's. It may even be heavier, but don't go by that. Research it yourself

It's a rehearsal space. I don't know that I'd buy premium Ludwig hardware for a kit I leave in rehearsal.

Rehearsal hardware? I'd go inexpensive as I could with hardware that will do the job, meaning Gibraltar
Rehearsal hardware? I'd go inexpensive as I could with hardware that will do the job, meaning Gibraltar

If it comes to that, I found a set of Yamaha 600-series (the stuff that ships with a Stage Custom) for ridiculously cheap and this would be the logical solution. But I have this thing with the colored strips on Yamaha hardware, and the shape of their adjustment nuts... It's really silly, it's unimportant, but I just find it ugly (I'm gonna make some enemies here)


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If you're willing to pay a premium price for hardware that satisfies any OCD concerns, then there are no issues.

Usually money and logic makes the decisions That's off the table with wingnuts and stripes lol. You could replace the wingnuts and remove the striped sticker, but that probably won't be enough to put the issue to rest. Spend the money, move on to the next concern. If you have to swallow a turd, (by paying a premium price for Ludwig hardware) don't chew on it, get it over with and be finished with it.

Make yourself happy now. If you don't you will someday. Then you just wasted time and money on less expensive stuff that did nothing to improve your happiness. Get what you want now and be done with it, is my real anyone, when it comes to buying stuff.

Buy once cry once. It's less expensive in the long run, in a big way. Plus you get the added bonus of satisfaction for playing on the good stuff

I'd be concerned about theft at the rehearsal space. If that's not an issue, it's credit card time!
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Mine are quite smooth adjusting and very solid. Even the more basic Atlas Standard line has very functional gearless tilters and ball sockets on cymbal and snare stands, respectively (no memory lock, though - hose clamp time). For rehearsal (so weight and setup repeatability wouldn't be a concern) I'd go Standard, otherwise I'd go Classic.
The Speed King pedals are great, too. It feels different from other pedals, though, so it might not work that well if you share the rehearsal space with others. There's also the Speed Flyer, in case you'd like a more conventional feeling pedal (and portability isn't a concern).


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I've just bought a pair of Atlas Standard boom stands and have been a longtime user of DW, Pearl, Tama, Gibraltar, and Yamaha hardware in one form or another. The Atlas hardware is comparable to any of the other brands' hardware in terms of quality and features, and is often competitive in price. Ludwig stuff from the 80s and 90s wasn't always the best or most up-to-date, but the new stuff is very nice - built tough, works smoothly.

If you're buying hardware for a rehearsal space, though, you don't need the most roadworthy stuff, because you'll be setting it up and tearing it down maybe a few times a year. You could even get a few used stands and call it a day.


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All my stands are old (70s) and a jumble of brands. I have a couple Ludwig stands and have no issues with them. I do not gig anymore, however, so that needs to be considered also.

I wouldnt hesitate to buy Ludwig stands if that's what you need to float your boat.

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I like brand consistency among hardware (all Pearl in my case), and I also want my kit and hardware to be of the same brand (once again, all Pearl in my case). Therefore, if I were switching to a Ludwig kit, I'd want all Ludwig hardware too, bass pedal included. I'm just sick that way.


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I have all Atlas hardware. I agree with most on here, Ludwig's hardware is great. Maybe even better since you can get it at a lower price. I absolutely LOVE the Atlas snare stand. Some on here don't, oddly enough. To each his own I guess.


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I have all Ludwig Atlas Standard hardware on my set. I have zero issues with it. If I were to upgrade 1 thing it would be the hi hat pedal because it can be a bit awkward with placement of a double pedal since it is a tripod stand but I don't "need" to do it. Especially since I went back to a single Tama Dyna-sync. The Atlas Aerodyne arms and scissor clamps are nice for adding stuff to the boom stands too. I can use them and get my cymbals mounted exactly wherever I want them.