Is there a way to verify the model of a Zildjian cymbal?


I purchased a used cymbal from guitar center (online) and I’m kind of questioning whether they had it labeled right. It was on the website as a used 2002 Zildjian K custom Dark ride, but the picture had no text on it and no "K". Is there a place I can go to or a way I can verify that this is actually a k custom dark ride?A32836E9-56C9-47D9-8667-9734A1330B83.jpeg


C.M. Jones

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To the best of my knowledge, authentic Zildjian cymbals have indelible stamped codes. They're the only surefire means of identification. Perhaps an expert in such matters will chime in to expound on the topic. Cymbal genealogy isn't my specialty.


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It’s not a K Custom Dark as the hammering is wrong and it’s not lathed. It could be a Dry. Email Zildjian with some better pics. They are quick to respond.


From the second picture, the stamp faintly looks like a K Zildjian. I agree with ineedaclutch, it does not appear to be a Custom Dark — the lack of lathing gives it away. The serial number at the bottom of the stamp will tell you the year.

Without the ink logos, the weight will give you a better idea of the model. I’ve had a K Custom Dry that was a little over 3000g, which is a typical weight. Organic Rides kind of have the look of yours, but are significantly lighter (~2300g).


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It's one of the late 80s/early 90s K Custom Dry or K Custom. Either way it is a K Custom!

They're different beasts to the K Custom Ride/K Custom Dry Rides of today. The older ones are thinner and a lot more complex but they have a beast of a bell!


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The overall look, the hammering and what looks like a once brilliant finish makes me think this is a K Custom Ride. What size is it?
It does have some 'blemished' spots which could indicate a Dry Ride or Special Dry Ride, but what idiot would polish a Dry Ride... :ROFLMAO:
My bet goes to a K Custom Ride since the discoloration appears to be oxidation due to 'old age'.


Yea it’s definitely a k custom ride.😡 guitar center had it listed as a K custom Dark ride. I wonder if they will refund me shipping or not


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Do you have a GC store near you? If so, you should be able to just bring in the cymbal and your receipt and get a refund.

It's not a K Custom Dark. Do a google search to see what those look like.