Is the secondhand market as slow as it is because of the lockdowns??


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Supply is Maxed out , Demand is Slowing .. Sellers holding out for top dollar.. Also when marketing tells the buyer that the older ( used ) version is just as valuable as the new model there is a problem right there. Phooey!
I wanted (not needed wanted) to buy a new truck...specifically the F250 Tremor. I did not want the diesel version because I don't really need that much power and diesel is like 10k more expensive. When I went to the dealership they were out of the gas version and told me it was due to a chip shortage. I half believed them at the time, then in the news they showed the Kentucky speedway full to the brim with Ford trucks all waiting for that chip. Over 3000 maybe more basically finished trucks. So supply shortage has affected even big companies. Back to the truck story... my wife told me to keep the current truck an F150 2018 with 23000 miles that I got brand new and only wanted to trade because I have a 35 ft travel trailer that I will have to move from CA to GA. The F150 has no problem with it but I just wanted more power because 'Merica!. She said to me "keep your current truck, then when the new ones become available get one then but keep the current one for work".. I was like Oh, got to listen to the boss, I mean the wife....


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The shoe has to eventually drop. Right now you can't keep a bicycle on the floor of a bike store, but most of those, just like instruments, will be the "no maintenance" variety. Things that don't get used need no maintenance :). A year from now, CL and eBay will likely be jammed with great deals on nearly-new pandemic gear.

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The Internet is choked with Fender Custom Shop... Gibson Historics / Reissues as a high end example... all basically priced the same no matter what build year.. not moving.... if you make a reasonable offer ( 10 to 25 % off ) it's refused.. so much for things being only worth what someone is willing to pay..


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I am glad I missed the slowdown. I have sold three kits in the last twelve months, all within a couple of months of listing. Two of those kits I couldn't sell a couple of years ago at a lower price than I received this time.


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I shattered my wrist in January 2020... it isn't the same as before, not by a long shot. So... I'm editing my stuff. Hope I can move some strings... drumming is tolerable, and sticking exercises are helping a bit.


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Last fall craigslist was awesome, lofts of people moving cleaning out their homes, I picked up a drum rack, and a piano amongst other hobby toys like keg equipment. Now the only thing on there are what appears to be hot car parts, like hub caps and office cubicle products. I think the latter is due to the shift to remote work, the former is obviously due to an increase in car jacking.


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This has been the opposite for me. All my drum gear I’ve sold on reverb has been sold in less than a week.

Every thing from audio interfaces, mixers, drum mics, snares, pedals and cymbals. I sold them all in a matter of days and on the mixers & interfaces, at 90% retail.

I’ve found that production slowdowns helped the 2nd hand market. Gretsch Bell Brass sound damn near instantly bc mine was like new and no one had them in stock. Behringer XAIR mixers were running short, and I sold mine for 400 and I paid just 475 for it brand new