Is It Legal To Play Drums In The Middle Of The Night?


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I wonder if HUdrummer still checks back so he can laugh at the fact his troll handiwork is still suckering in responses ten years later. 😅
I hope so. But last night at 3 am I took advantage of the hurricane being so loud that I ran down the street naked with a tom on a strap and started an impromptu naked drum circle.


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This thread is so unreal…a Joke? Of course not allowed to make heavy noise in the middle of The night in a human living aera…..trollin us?

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Our ordinance used to say you couldn't exceed so many decibels after 10 pm, but now it says something about making disruptive or unusual noises after 10 pm. An ex-friend used to jam late at night and learned the wording allowed him to do it if they didn't play too loudly. He's an idiot either way.

There was an article about Will Lee of The Letterman Show having an apartment in NYC that had a room built within a room so he could play live music at any time. There is specific code written in NYC about playing live music blah-blah-blah.

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If you all hop across to the “Is it legal to murder your neighbours if they’re drumming at 2.30am?” thread you can see how this panned out in May 2012…hint: it wasn’t good for @HUdrummer 😬:ROFLMAO: