Is it just me...?


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...Or is Tony Williams the best thing to ever happen to music?

Seven Steps To Heaven. His solo and breaks - it's so simple, but so genius.
This is my favourite song in the WHOLE WIDE WORLD.



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BEST thing to happen to music is a little subjective, but trust me it's not just you. His playing on seven steps is just too good. To me, Tony Williams is the ideal drummer.
we played seven steps in a combo at school. i never had the privelege of drumming for it, i was the guitarist all through school. probably one of the best tunes we've ever played!

oh and by the way, do you think its called seven steps to heaven because of the hits leading to the drum breaks?

one, two, three, four, five-six-seven.... druummmsssssss... five, six, seven

heaven being the drum break of course.