Iron cobra or pearl demon drive


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I'm looking at getting a new bass drum pedal and am trying to decide between either the tama iron cobra 900 or pearl demon drive. I know it's kind of like comparing two different beasts as one is chain driven and the other is direct drive. I'm looking for the best balance between speed and power.


You also have the demon drive with a chain, I have played the IC for years and am happy with the overall speed and balance. Never tried the demons but I'm also a fan of the eliminators


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You’ll get people who own one pedal telling you that it’s good, and people who own the other pedal telling you that it’s good, you need to put your foot on each to see. Both are high quality, excellently performing pedals from well established manufacturers and it depends on how they feel to you. I had an Iron Cobra Junior and thought it was just average. I’ve now got a Pearl Demonator and think it’s great. However the fact is that for me it’s down to the cam shape and if the Iron Cobra had had an offset cam (do they call it the speed cam?) I would have loved it.


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best advice i can give is the same as above, see if you can try either pedal out and see what feels better for you to play on :)

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I have the Demon with the direct drive and I like it, our singer has an Iron Cobra and i like it too. They are both good. They feel pretty different though.
Can't go wrong either way, both are built like tanks.