Iron Cobra Flexi glide cam shape help!


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Does anyone know, Is the Iron Cobra Flexi glide a linear cam shape or accelerator shape? Does anyone prefer them to the other chain Cobras? Thanks


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Definitely an acceleration-prone cam. I had a Rolling Glide IC but I prefer the DW 9000 I have now, which is set to a linear round cam and has the straps on it. I think the Rolling Glide is probably the way to go with ICs though, if you want an even response from your strokes.


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I have a rolling glide and powerglide and I don't feel any difference between them. Never played a flexi but I've only read great things about them.


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The flexi's action will be closer to a direct drive than anything else depending on how you set the pedal up.


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As previously stated it is an accelerator cam and a light great feeling pedal, I've been playing them for 18 years. I have a Rolling Glide and am not crazy about it. I can manage the motion and feel of the motion but it's just too heavy for me I prefer light pedals.