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New member
Real name?
Rick Kopp

I'm 65, 66 in a few weeks

How long have you been playing?
I wanted to drum as a kid, but my parents were not in love with having a drum kit in the house. I got older then life got in the way, but I got a practice pad for Christmas of 2020, so I looked up some videos about holding the sticks, looked up rudiments, and just started practicing them. Around February I had my left ring finger locked up and it took until July to where I could hold a stick. I started lessons the second week of August and got my kit the second week of September.

Origin of user name?
I studied General Relativity and that theory uses mathematical objects called Tensors.

Your top 5 drummers?
I grew up listening to my dad's 78s so I got to know Gene Krupa, Buddy Rich, Max Roach Viola Smith among others. Keith Moon, Neil Peart, Ginger Baker, and Ringo Starr were the ones I followed in my teens and later.

I have been reading many of these, as I do from time to time, and you must know, that anyone who FORGOT to mention Ringo as a favorite will be arrested, jailed, and served only bread and water.

( and no, the admin's threat had nothing to do with my including Ringo) 😛

Make of drumkit?
Ludwig element evolution

Make of cymbal?
Zildjian ZBT, with an 18 inch S series medium-thin crash.

Where do you practice?
Unused bedroom.

Are you in a band?

Do you play covers or originals?
I am about 2/3 finished with learning my first song, Every Breath You Take, so covers.

What style of music?

Favourite take out food?

What country do you live in?

One really odd fact about yourself?
I alluded to it earlier, I was able, when I was younger, to understand and work on General Relativity and Quantum Field Theory.

How did you start drumming?
As far back as I can remember, I would keep a beat with my hands, learned where drums and cymbals were so I could air drum acurately. Actually keep up with some songs the first time I sat behind a kit, except for the damn feet thing. Now, taking lessons and learning how to work the pedals.