Internet-only collab! - Blur - Song 2


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I'll just quote from the video description.

Recently some guys over at and myself decided that it would be nice to do a collab in terms of covers. The idea behind this "Fundalizeband" is that any musical member of Fundalize can join and anyone in the band can propose a song. If person A proposes a song and only person B wants to do it as well, then A and B will together cover the song. If some time later person B wants to cover a certain song and C and D join in, then they will do the cover: no one hàs to be part of a song if he or she does not want to! The band can consist of different people every song.

In this song the band consists of BramVroy (me; drums), Takai (lead and rhythm) and NoBrainzz (bass).

Takai's Channel:
NoBrainzz's Channel:

Hope you enjoy!

Please leave feedback on the drumming and the mastering! This is the very first time that I have ever mastered multiple instruments. Playing around with volume and pan. What do you guys think?


Whoooo Hoooooo! lol! :)

Simple song but it's fun as hell to jam to! Nice work!