Inexpensive? Yes...but I LOVE THEM


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also Ludwig Club Date SE - hdw not quite as nice, but also sounds great and has gigged many times with no issues.
I'm lucky to have ordered upgraded parts rrrrright before the pandemic. Sound wise I find it quite similar to vintage Ludwigs, with a bit of the thin-shelled Gretschy attack. The 1.6mm hoops that came with them are, ironically, more vintage correct!


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I may be the only one that has made a mental note of this but while surfing YouTube concerning drumming its been an eye opener to see young drummers who's kits sound amazing using inexpensive Pearl drumkits. I've seen it many times and may even surf ebay to net one of these tasty little fish...serious.

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No. I’ve gone through a number of high end kits, kept some longer than others, and regretted letting a few go, but I’ve never had that feeling with a mid-level kit. Actually, I don’t think I’ve ever gigged a mid-level kit. I was a well-cared for child.
Edit - correction: I’m playing a DW Design Kit right now. It doesn’t handle like a mid-range kit though. Other than the smaller turret lugs, it handles very well. I don’t really notice a difference between these and my Collectors kit. But my current fun 4-piece basher Kit is my rebuilt Rogers from 1978 - high end drums from long ago.
I thought you gigged and also did a glowing review of a Safari kit? That's lower that mid-level.

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Isn't Catalina mid-level or entry level? But thousands of drummers gig regularly with them. I'm guessing it ranks in top 3 of most gigged kits. I see them all the time as backline kits, too.


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I have been playing a 2003 Tama SCP Birch Japan kit since I bought it new in 2003. Not necessarily a high end kit per se and solidly in the "middle" I would say. The sound punches above its weight class and the finish is above average as well.

From a gear perspective there really isn't a kit I can't own (not a brag in the least just reinforcing how this aligns with the OP's question). I have stated before, at least for me, my "sound" is comprised of my kick, snare, hats and ride and out of those the only SCP drum is the kick and I love the kick and every sound guy has liked it as well. So......why bother with the SQ2, RCs, Star etc. at this point.

All that being said, if I get another kit it will be a N&C as they are local to me and frankly fantastic.


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I had a PDP CX kit in high school, one of the early all maple kits made in the Mexico factory. A mid-level kit by all accounts, that sounded like a damn DW Collector's. Crazy good drums.