Inexpensive? Yes...but I LOVE THEM

C.M. Jones

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Oops - I meant Road Show. I'm not that familiar with Pearl drums, I had to look it up.
Four configurations with 18, 20 and 22" bass drums.
towards the bottom of the page
My seven-year-old son, who started on a practice pad a few years back, is playing a Pearl Roadshow Jr. right now. A well-built set overall. Like all Pearl hardware, the bass pedal and hi-hat stand are impressively durable. Are the shells crafted to top-notch quality? No, but I wouldn't expect them to be at this level. The Roadshow Jr. does what it's supposed to do: provide a friendly, low-maintenance playing experience for the introductory drummer. It's holding up nicely, and I highly recommend it to anyone in search of a kid's kit.


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My $329 90s era Premier XPKs.
First time with birch, it's impressive, I wonder how the eucalyptus center ply effects the tone.
They're well made drums, sound hardware, and they hold a tune.
Previously, it was the PDP CX kit I had way back when.

C.M. Jones

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"....Inexpensive? Yes...but I LOVE THEM..."

Either you don't get the point of this thread or you're being intentionally obtuse.

Either way - I'm out.
Huh? You referred to the Pearl Road Show. I replied that there's a Roadshow Jr. in my household and that it's a good kit. It's also inexpensive. How in the name of logic and reason is that "obtuse" content?


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I had a set of exports for around 13 or so years. I had the means to upgrade them after about 4 years but I liked them and saw no need. The reason I eventually sold them is kind of a long story and I wasn’t keen on the idea but I ended up with a set of Tama Starclassic Performer B/Bs.


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From day one I've been perplexed why to my ears budget kits sounded better. I just want deep..dark..ill argue to the end that I've heard R.O.C. kits that I liked far better than some D.W. kits. Rounded edges..covering over lacquered finish..pourous Luan with nice edges (even). I can't tell you how many conversations I've had with drummers at shops scratching our heads why people flip over the DW stuff. This is a thread where we all have to be outside grilling sipping some brew and getting DEEP into this.

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Inexpensive sets - Ludwig Element Birch - paid around $600 for it and it has paid for itself many times as it is my primary gigging set. Aquarian heads, upgraded Atlas hdw ( atlas mounts, and rods for cymbal mounts) . Set sounds great and sets up/ breaks down quickly and no problems.
also Ludwig Club Date SE - hdw not quite as nice, but also sounds great and has gigged many times with no issues.

Relatively inexpensive ( for USA made) classic maple - love it too much to take it out to play in bars. Hoping to get a gig where we have some distance from the crowd and bring that bad boy out for the world to see in all its Mod Oranew glory.

I can say I’m happy with all my gear and not looking/ needing / wanting anything else…


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I don't play sides of fences. I cut fences down to facilitate trespassing.

I'll still be playing my Music City Custom snare ten years from now. It's the snare I wanted for a lot of different reasons. Ostentation wasn't one of them.

I’m so happy you got that snare drum and that you are enjoying it. There’s nothing like the perfect snare drum! Pearl makes some of the best out there.

I’m having a really hard time not gushing about my new 14 x 8 Black Beauty. I’m waiting until I have about 20 gigs under its belt before I say much of anything else.
I have mentioned this before. I have a Tama Imperialstar ($700 new?). I added a third 8" closed tom and 6" and 8" DW Design Series concert toms. The kit meets all of my needs and I dont see a need to upgrade. Very happy with the sound and quality.


My favorite "cheap but great" drum product would be those mapex steel piccolo snares. They are fantastic side/effect snares, work great as a gigging/back up snare, they record well, they look nice, and they can be had for usually around $60 brand new.


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also Ludwig Club Date SE - hdw not quite as nice, but also sounds great and has gigged many times with no issues.
I'm lucky to have ordered upgraded parts rrrrright before the pandemic. Sound wise I find it quite similar to vintage Ludwigs, with a bit of the thin-shelled Gretschy attack. The 1.6mm hoops that came with them are, ironically, more vintage correct!


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I may be the only one that has made a mental note of this but while surfing YouTube concerning drumming its been an eye opener to see young drummers who's kits sound amazing using inexpensive Pearl drumkits. I've seen it many times and may even surf ebay to net one of these tasty little fish...serious.

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No. I’ve gone through a number of high end kits, kept some longer than others, and regretted letting a few go, but I’ve never had that feeling with a mid-level kit. Actually, I don’t think I’ve ever gigged a mid-level kit. I was a well-cared for child.
Edit - correction: I’m playing a DW Design Kit right now. It doesn’t handle like a mid-range kit though. Other than the smaller turret lugs, it handles very well. I don’t really notice a difference between these and my Collectors kit. But my current fun 4-piece basher Kit is my rebuilt Rogers from 1978 - high end drums from long ago.
I thought you gigged and also did a glowing review of a Safari kit? That's lower that mid-level.