If you can only have one Snare drum….


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If it could only be one, it would be my 6.5x14 Dunnett Titanium. Fat on the low end, crisp on the high end, and never chokes. Truly a spectacular drum.
I'll have to circle back in a couple months once my Savage gets here, though...
Super jealous. When I went on a lengthy new snare search a few months ago, titanium was one of my favorite sounds. Unfortunately I couldn’t find any in my price range. Eventually I do plan to get one.


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My Fibes 14x5.5" Chrome over Fiberglass (SFT 690). The famous "Buddy Rich" snare.

I found this on Reverb in near mint condition, no pitting or anything, which is very rare for this model. The guy I bought it from said it was owned by a wealthy jazz drummer (lol how ironic is that?) who tried out a bunch of snares, and put the ones he didn't play in a box in the attic. It remained in the attic for almost 40 years.

This is a holy grail snare for me. It's basically a unicorn. No other snare sounds like it. The fiberglass is bright, yet there is no tension in the construction of the shell, so it has a lower fundamental pitch. Throaty low end combined with a very satisfying high-end crackle. Having both in the same snare is almost unheard of.

Sound: crisp, dry, super articulate, immediate and satisfyingly sharp attack. No overtones, it doesn't need muffling. And the rimshots are unreal.

The sensitivity is insane, it puts all other snares to shame. A baby dung beetle could trigger the snare wires.

Here's Buddy playing it cranked up pretty high. (6:45 time stamp)

Wow exactly how you describe. The sound is almost exaggerated


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I’m gonna go with my 1970’s Prem 2000 because for the first decade of playing it was my only snare and I used it to back cabaret artists, a female pop singer, metal bands, a punk band, and numerous hard rock bands… 😀 (y)

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That thing looks Brand New! You get a great big atta boy for taking such good care of it!


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I love this thread.

Please continue.
Me too, and thanks! Feel free to interject again :) and again:ROFLMAO:.

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Just one? A modern Gretsch 4157. But I only have a vintage one now (had to replace the Microsensitive throwoff).
Why did you get rid of the one you really liked?


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That is a hard question - I know which wood and which metal shell snare I would settle on if I could have only two . Since the OP is asking for just one snare then it would be my Noble and Cooley 14 x 7” Walnut SS snare . This was the 4th snare made from their initial run of 22 snares. They had not made steambent walnut snares before then . They had a particularly nice tree with some highly figured grain .Nick Jones let me pick my shell and I chose the one pictured . It is an amazing snare drum , very rich and full sounding with incredible sensitivity
So the Noble and Cooley reigns! That is a great story about the tree/wood used in your snare, can you upload a photo perchance? I bet the rest of the peanut gallery would like to also have a peek...


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There’s some great variety here!