If you can only have one Snare drum….


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That's an easy one. My Gretsch Brooklyn 6x14 nickel over brass snare has been my #1 snare since the day I bought it roughly 8 years ago. It's essentially Gretsch's version of a Black Beauty, but it's not a BB clone. It has its own unique sound that I love.

That said, while that snare has been on my studio kit 99% of the time since I've owned it, I currently have my Gretsch 5.5x14 Gold Series Special Edition Maple Snare on my kit, which I discussed in another thread. After putting a Remo FiberSkyn Ambassador on it, I'm loving how it sounds now, though I'd probably still choose the Brooklyn if I could only have one. Fortunately, I can have both!

Here are pics of each. I don't have a good shot of my Brooklyn, so this stock shot will have to do.




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I'll let you know, I just ordered this guy from Japan, 6.5x14 Canopus BB....was lucky to find one since I had be searching (now discontinued) and luckily the Canopus shop was refurbishing one so I got one at a great price.

So obviously I could have gone with with a Ludwig black beauty, even as a Ludwig fan a couple of reasons why I didn't. First, eight lugs (chrome plated brass small lugs) and no center bead which I believe lowers the pitch a bit. And I really like the wire strand that they matched it with it which is I think is definitely better than Ludwig's stock so I feel it's a fatter sounds that I'm looking for which the samples were a bit fatter to my ear. They used 70s BBs at their inspiration which from what I'm finding are a bit lower in pitch as well. Plus they have other appointments like their flange height, bolt tight washers and their quality has always been top notch from my experience plus matches my RFMs as a single family.

Or maybe I will hate it and will replace pic with my 'other' #1 at the moment.



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I don't have this but I could easily be set for life with a 12x5" steel shell w/ 2.3mm tf hoops. Doesn't have to be expensive or anything, that is just my favorite depth/diameter combo, my favorite shell material, and my preferred hoops. Evans 300 snare side w/ pure sound blasters on the bottom and either a Uv1 or calftone up top depending on my mood and situation. Brass or aluminum would be cool as well, same set up otherwise, but I'm fine with steel.

My favorite I ever actually owned was similar but a birch shell and 1.6mm hoops. It recorded great but I like a bit more overtone in a band setting.
@roncadillac, awesome response but I don’t understand the similarity between the two, was the birch wrapped in steel? What size was the birc?


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My Fibes 14x5.5" Chrome over Fiberglass (SFT 690). The famous "Buddy Rich" snare.

I found this on Reverb in near mint condition, no pitting or anything, which is very rare for this model. The guy I bought it from said it was owned by a wealthy jazz drummer (lol how ironic is that?) who tried out a bunch of snares, and put the ones he didn't play in a box in the attic. It remained in the attic for almost 40 years.

This is a holy grail snare for me. It's basically a unicorn. No other snare sounds like it. The fiberglass is bright, yet there is no tension in the construction of the shell, so it has a lower fundamental pitch. Throaty low end combined with a very satisfying high-end crackle. Having both in the same snare is almost unheard of.

Sound: crisp, dry, super articulate, immediate and satisfyingly sharp attack. No overtones, it doesn't need muffling. And the rimshots are unreal.

The sensitivity is insane, it puts all other snares to shame. A baby dung beetle could trigger the snare wires.

Here's Buddy playing it cranked up pretty high. (6:45 time stamp)



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Ooofff this is a hard one... my main snare is a Pearl Limited Edition 14x6.5" Kapur Snare and i love it, but... i've always loved the sound of the (now discontinued) Pearl Steve Ferrone Signature snare. And the first Sonor Benny Greb 13x5.75" Signature snare (without the internal sheep) has also been high on my wish list. I also really like the sound of a steel shell. My first kit was a Pearl Export and came with a steel shell. That sound is somewhat hardwired into my brain hehe. Played a Ludwig 14x5" Supralite once and that sound was sooooo nice... maybe i should get a DW Edge snare some day. Best of both worlds :)

EDIT: omg... just check the price of a DW Edge and... nope xD