I need a good wood snare


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Ludwig classic maple at one of the deeper sizes would surely be a good bet? Or a Pearl Ref snare might suit you, or Mahogany Classic if you like a darker tone?
Definitely leaning towards a Ludwig only because they're my favorite brand.


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...and play hard rock or even sometimes metal.
A harder wood cuts more, a softer wood less, even at low tuning. Thicker shells produce shorter sustain. With that in mind, I’d try the Tama Star Stave Jatoba Snare.


Darth Vater

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Best deal on the 'net right here.......... Even at it's $499 MAP price it's a steal. This is a flat out gift at $275 plus 35 s/h. You can't go wrong here and it's dirt cheap.

I use this same snare w/ my Sonor SQ2 kit. It's 1/2" thick stave hard rock maple and it cracks as good as anything I've ever played.

**All the Summit snares I bought (3) are really nice too. (Why'd you sell you them?) I had to sell just about everything that wasn't tied down here if I wanted to get into this SQ2 kit and still keep the Prolite. So that's what I did. ;)
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I have been playing my 76 Supraphonic for well over ten years now and I want to try some new colors.

I've been looking into maybe a N&C SS walnut as I had a full walnut kit if theirs and liked it. I diddled on a 14x8 at DCP and it was nice but was turn off by the gold lugs.

I don't think I want to go to shallow or bright as I tend to tune my toms medium low and play hard rock or even sometimes metal.

Ideally Id like to stay under $1k.

Any insight is greatly appreciated.

Hi bearblastbeats. Have you look at Mapex Black Panther series? These are good sounding dums from cherry to mahogany to brass and so on. Starting at around $400-$700. Quality and the prices are nice also.


You might be able to get a great SS drum from Summit I think it is.

Mr. Darth Vater has at least one. I'm interested to see what he says. I'm pretty sure he loves it.

I want to say he got it for well under a grand IIRC.

While I love walnut, if I only had one wood snare, I would get maple first.
I'd like to second Larry's advice on both the brand and the wood.

I have a number of Summit snares, and I love them all. Solid shell if you like that (I do), perfectly built, super attention to detail. You can pic your own hardware, edges, etc. (I would recommend Gary from Summit's edges - standard 30° with a small roundover outside.) I can't imagine you getting anywhere near $1000, unless you picked some REALLY expensive hardware.

I played a Supra in my "past life" as a drummer, (I took a break for a few decades...) Strangely, I never played a maple snare until I bought Darth's Summit a short while ago. Now, I get it!

Gary from Summit is very easy to work with, and it's cool to have a say in what you want.

14x6 curly maple.jpeg


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This Tama Star Walnjt might be right up The OP’s alley and best of all ! It is for sale !! I know shameless plug, but ai really think they would dig this snare . If I did not already own a 6 x 14 N&C Walnut SS snare this Tama would not be for sale .DE3B2B55-E754-4F92-9FA3-13A6384351D0.jpeg77CB665F-4409-4222-8EFB-83EE5C29561C.jpeg8EC2679D-D701-4A55-99A8-931C0E283E8A.jpeg


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Definitely leaning towards a Ludwig only because they're my favorite brand.

If you haven't already, I think a read through this older thread is worth the time: