I broke my first pair of sticks!


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I've been using these VF sticks exclusively since I picked up my starter snare drum I think at the end of September/early October 2020. I was working on 'Voices Carry' by Til' Tuesday when this happened. I don't know if I should be proud or sad.

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Have you considered calling Orkin for termites?. Whoa..that is some serious whittlin girl!. Just use the other end for your metal band. You get some good use out of those V.F.'s.. I'm thinking on trying some Benny Greb sticks from Vic. Take those sticks back and tell the drumshop you only used them for 15 minutes and look what happened!.


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Yes, it's from the hi-hat chewing it up over the past serveral months. I was actually shocked early on when I was and the floor below was covered in sawdust after practicing.
A guitarist once told me that he hated drummers because the floor always looked like a wood shop around the kit. Go figure?