How to connect hi hatt padal & switch pad on Yamaha multi 12?


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I have been in my local music store for hours and tried Yamaha multi 12 but didn't understand how to connect a hi hatt pedal(i tried Yamahas HH pedal) go to user kits and then decide a Hi Hatt pad that will sound closed when I'm press the pedal and sound open when i don't press the pedal. Now I'm writing about hitting it with the stick. The foot funktion works(sound of 2 cymbals hitting eatother). I have checkout the manual but i do not find it. The staff in the store can't help me either. Is this possible any one know about this function? This works better on a other brands pad board ? Also it seems that a sustain pedal can't work as a kick drum or hi hatt on roland or yamaha new pad units(but i know it worked on my old roland octa pad).

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Hi! It should work right away on the pre-made kits. You plug the Yamaha hi hat pedal into the hi hat input on the M12 using a stereo jack cable. It must be stereo, I think this could be your problem?
The M12 is quite elaborate to program, and there are a lot og settings that need to be correct. But if you try kit number 9 Oak Custom you should have closed and open hi hat sounds on pad 9 as well as open/closed and half closed/half open hi hat edge hit sounds on pad 12.
Good luck!