how do u practice nowdays to keep it exciting?

For me, it's two things: Whenever I can feel myself improving in real time, like if I have a particularly good practice day I might think to myself "after today, I'm a ~2% better drummer than I was yesterday," and having a good idea of where you'll be in a few months time, since it gives you something to look forward to and even fantasize about.
I'm starting to see benefits in my hands after a week now since returning from drum camp - feeling reinvigorated after being exposed to so much talent over 4 days! There's enough stuff to work on for an 8-hour day and I'm inbetween contracts so I'm going to oblige the opportunity LOL.

Dave Weckl noticed an issue in my trad hand at the kit, and so I'm trying a slightly raised snare to fix that. That's helped me have more control. I'm also using Weckl's middle finger fulcrum - I'm not sure why but that fulcrum allows playing on slightly higher surface (eg a slightly raised snare). But the middle finger fulcrum creates an issue transitioning to Todd Sucherman's grip for ride playing. Weckl showed me he can make the transition so I know not to give up on it. But he didn't necessarily go over HOW he did it. I guess I can figure it out LOL.
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When I first started drumming I was practicing 4-5 times a week 3-4 hours at a time. I always practice with songs I chose from Spotify.

I've also played together with other drummers and only wished that I could have their speed and some of their techniques but it all comes down to me comparing myself to myself and seeing my own progress.

I have to take into consideration that I started playing when I was 69 years young. These guys I drum with have been playing for 20 or more years and are 40-50 years younger than me. But I still can out play them at my 4 hour limit... at now 71 I have so much energy and only one so far has stayed right with me at the 4 hour limit and that was my young 22-year-old nephew.

Right now I'm battling health issues which makes it impossible to even sit at the kit. All I do is think about drumming and can't wait to get back in the groove!

Drumming for me, at any level is exciting!
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47 years later... I still enjoy practicing. It remains exciting to me by challenging myself to improve on things I couldn't do well the last time I sat down.

Yes, I still work out of challenging method books, work on solo transcriptions, etc.. I don't drill much on technique as I feel like what I have been fortunate to build with my teachers of the past prepped me for the musical situations I continue to find myself in. Back in those days, I spent oodles of time working technique for technique's sake.

I truly consider myself a 'student of the instrument' for life.