High hat stands

Need a new high hat stand that doesn’t break the bank as I just picked up a new to me tama starclassic bb and will need a few other things as well . Was planning on hitting local stores but this popped up today ( limited quantities/ time to get) .

Any first hand user reviews ? Well made? Functional ? Work with double kick pedal ?

Thoughts on this offer ?

I will use for most genres but mostly rock, some metal , blues and funk . Would like to eventually p/u a double bass pedal and learn , so if this wouldn’t allow placement it would be nice to Know

Tama stuff is great I have used a cobra hihat stand for the last 5 years with no problems. Any 3 leg hihat stand will work with a double you might just need to compromise hihat position a bit. They do tend to be a bit heavy if that is a consideration.


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I have a Pacific two leg hi hat stand and love it. It's rock solid, easily as solid as my previous three leg Ludwig that I used to have. The reason I bought mine was to accomodate the double bass pedal set up. Legs are double braced. And when I say it doesn't budge, it doesn't budge. Even when I'm stomping all 8th or 16th notes. I've had it for years although I can't say I've broken it down and set it up for playing ouside very much. I thinnk I've seen the latest version for anywhere between $70 and $85. I'd say a ton of value for the price.



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I have a PDP 2-legged stand. A lot of the PDP hardware parts are the same as those used on the DW stuff, pretty good quality. Personally, I always felt the 2-legged stand was a little wobbly for me, especially on some of the stages we play on (old plywood risers, wooden patio decks, etc). But on a stable, flat surface, they are good. You can make a 3-legged stand work with a double pedal, but I wouldn't use a double pedal without a 2-legged stand.