Hi Drummerworld!


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I’ve lurked here for a while... Maybe even have an old profile from 20 years ago, haha.

I’ve owned drums and used them in public with bands at a mediocre (at best) level for the past 20 years while being constantly obsessed with them, but never enough time to practice at the super focused level one needs to practice to truly get great. This caused me all sorts of problems with work, relationships and such.

I made a decision a couple months ago to abandon all else and get as good at this as my natural born self can. So I’m studying with a couple different teachers, working through 6 different books as well as non-book concepts and practicing 40-60 hours/week to see what can happen. The elevation in playing has already been tremendous, but I’m still very far away from being able to play what I hear in my head, but with noticeable daily improvement the task is both uplifting and daunting simultaneously. Either way, the journey is fun.

My current setup includes mirrors, a GoPro camera and multi-track recorder in my studio to record and review playing daily.

I’ll share any worthy discoveries along the way but there are so many talented players here I will likely sit back and learn and make jokes where appropriate since I’m already really good at jokes. Haha.

On a side note, if there are some really old school drum forum people here you may remember me as drummerdan from drumheads.org

Happy to join the community here.


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Welcome back to the forum.

I, too, like you, played for many years at a mediocre at best level, and actually took a 10 year hiatus where I didn't even touch a drum stick. I got back into drums just over 3 years ago when some new friends wanted to start a band. For the first while I was pretty rusty and I only played once a week, but about a year and a half ago I decided to start practicing again and have been putting in about 15-20 hours a week on the pads (snare and bass), and a couple of months ago I reconnected with my old drum teacher and have been taking lessons again. I have made some great gains in this time, and always, always, have a blast practicing despite if I'm tired, hungover or just not in the mood.

What learning material are you working out of now? I recently got through a book called Mastering the Rudiments for Snare Drum in 28 Weeks (which should be titled 28 Years), and am now working a lot on the musical exercises in there, along with Tommy Igoe's Great Hands for a Lifetime and Dom Famularo's The Weaker Side. I also recently picked up Ben Hans' Rudimental Drum Solos for the Marching Snare Drummer, which I'll be starting soon.


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Nice to find someone in a similar situation. You can try and take the drums away from the drummer, but it just can’t be done in the end...

I’m working from:
Advanced Technique - Chapin
Groove Essentials 1.0 - Igoe
Technique Patterns - Chaffee
Master Studies - Morello
Alfred’s - Snare Reading
And I have about 6 other exercises that aren’t out of a book that are part of my routine
I’ve been using Evernote to track progress and I grade myself after each session I have. I have my routine and what I’m going to study in my google calendar to help keep on target.

I have just been moving around like crazy for 13 years and knew I couldn’t keep my playing at a level good enough to play with groups so I didn’t feel like bothering. On two occasions I thought things were getting settled and the kit came out, but both times were stalled. Now I’ve been steadily at it since June, joined a group and should start gigging in November.

My weaknesses are:
- Sight Reading - Long Term Goal - I want to be able to read charts and transcriptions and play them well my first time through.
- Left Hand - It wobbles, it slices, it dices... Haha. I’ve gone full blown nuclear on it and it’s going great.
- Right Foot - My hands stayed pretty okay during my time away. My right foot is a different story. Due to gas pedal/brake pedal realities, but left foot actually improved over my time away from the kit as I often played bass drum parts with my left when driving. And I drove a TON.
- Body in Sync - I was always into linear ways of playing and as a result I recognized there are tiny flams in my playing at a default level.

It’s definitely fun and it’s amazing how fast improvements can happen when you’re honest about your weaknesses with yourself. Sometimes I can even stand to listen to my playing and think “oh, that actually feels good there,” and that happens increasingly every week it seems.