HHX omni/ozones/symphonic germanic


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I played on some hhx omni crash rides and loved them! Does anyone 9n here use them as primaries? Do they crash well and will they last long if you crash them hard?
Also how are the other hhx cymbals? In starting to really get into them but I want to play them first I've been just looking up video reviews. And also I can find much on the hhx symphonic germanic cymbals? What's so special about these? They are so expensive, are they just made to sound better and last longer?


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On the Omnis: I had a prototype 20" HHX that was my main crash and ride for everything (mainly rock and heavy stuff) for a while. Excellent cymbal, and a very nice, not-too-large bell. I played one of the official production 22" cymbals and found it very clangy and harsh, not like my older thinner one. The 19"s I've heard sound weird too. The weight of my 20" was 2160g, you probably want to play or hear the specific Omni you'd buy before you buy it. If you play with proper technique you won't have any issues with cymbals breaking: play off of the cymbal, use quick strikes and rebound when crashing, and keep the angle of your stick shaft as parallel to the curvature of the cymbal as you can.

On other HHX cymbals: they're great. I personally like the Legacies a lot. The Evolution series is an excellent choice for a modern, "hot" sound.

On the Germanic cymbals: Those are orchestral crash cymbals, so they're sold in pairs and not intended for drumset use. You could use a symphonic suspended cymbal for drumset but I wouldn't worry about experimenting with that kind of stuff right now.


I love HH and HHX cymbals of all sizes, thicknesses, and versions. I tend to like the thinner ones myself but I just picked up an older 18" explosion that I love. I also recently got a 21" ride that I don't love but will keep anyway for the time being. As always try before buying as there are so many variables.

I like good Zildjian K better but next to those HH and HHX for sheer quality and value (used)


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I use a 19 omni for a 'left side' ride/crash and find it performs admirably in that role. I haven't used it for a primary because I don't really play anything where I think it would be suitable. I could see it working for bop or something like that.

I have a multitude of HHX cymbals of different sizes and colors, and find them all to be quality instruments.

Of note per your topic line, I have a 16" o-zone that I adore. I don't usually like 16" crash cymbals, but then again, this isn't a pure crash cymbal. I find that it sounds lower pitched than you would expect for the size, and has a character I find darker than a china, while more subdued and less brash.