Have you used google before? I don't want to come across as unfriendly, but could you please be a bit more specific? "Help" is not really a descriptive title, either. Anyway, welcome to the forum and have fun with that snare!

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¿Ha usado Google antes? No quiero parecer antipático, pero ¿podrías ser un poco más específico? "Ayuda" tampoco es un título descriptivo. De todos modos, ¡bienvenido al foro y diviértete con esa trampa!
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If I have searched enough but I can't find much for that and I'm sorry for not giving a very descriptive title because it's my first time posting a thread, I'm sorry and thanks for the information you gave me, I made the post because I wanted the drumming community to help me.


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Is this your first drum?

You have a steel shelled snare drum, 14" diameter x 6.5" depth. You have triple flanged hoops on that drum.

Tune them how you like (easier said than done) and change the heads when you need to. You'll need a drum key to tune and change heads. A coated 10 mil batter head (like Remo Ambassador or Evans G1) and a 3 mil hazy resonant head are the most used heads for snares.

You have to learn how the snare wires attach to the snare strainer so you can change the snare wires if need be. But you don't need to know this now, later is fine when you want to change them. I can't think of much else you need to know. Drums are pretty simple in concept. I'm assuming you have a snare stand and drumsticks. Practice your rudiments if you need guidance on what to work on.


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I have a yamaha snare that I know nothing about it, the model is SD965MA, someone to guide me on the snare
Welcome to drummer world I read that this is your 1st post. You'll become more comfortable and learn more about how to word your posts as time goes on. It looks like you've already received quite a bit of information about your drum. There are a lot of friendly and helpful people on this forum.