Help! SPD-SX or SPD-30 midi out question


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hi all.

tl;dr version: can i set up different kits to send different specific midi notes from the pads on either the SPD-SX or the SPD-30 to a keyboard for its timpani sounds?

longer version: i play drums / percussion for musical theatre. i mostly play acoustic instruments but I do own a TD3 that I mostly use for rehearsals but also for the odd show, and a Kurzweil PC3le that sometimes takes the place of "real" xylophone, glock etc depending how much space i have in the orchestra pit.

what i'd ideally like to do is have, say, an SPD-SX set so that kit 1 sends midi notes to the Kurzweil so that pad 1 is the note C, pad 2 is F, pad 3 is G.... then in kit 2, pad 1 is Bb, pad 2 is Eb, pad 3 is F.... then in kit 3, the pads play internal samples so I can have a gong, a triangle, an anvil, whatever...

as I understand it, with my TD3 i can set each pad to send a specific midi note, but they can't vary from kit to kit, and crucially, i'd have to silence all the TD3's sounds and have it ONLY send midi out, hence wanting a new toy for the purpose.

from reading the manual, i *think* the SPD-30 can do what i'm talking about; page 63 has a bit saying "Here’s how to make MIDI settings for each individual kit" but i can't find a similar section in the SPD-SX's manual... would be happy enough with the SPD-30 triggering midi this was and using its internal sounds, but i think the SX might be more useful, so if it CAN do this i'd love to know. but i wanna be sure before spending >£500!

[i suppose i could always record the Kurzweil's timp sound at each pitch i want and load those samples onto the pads... but that seems like a very round about way of doing it]

thanks in advance if anyone has any insight!