Help! roland TD15K vs TD15KV


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Hi all! Please help me! :)

TD15K for about 1500€ with rack
TD15KV for about 2100€ with rack but hi-hat stand a part (100€)

Same sound module TD15 and rack.

The main difference are on pads and hi-hat:

- PDX-8/6 vs PDX100-PD-85BK
- CY-5 with FD-8 vs VH-11 (hi-hat pedal/stand required)

The cost difference between pads are only 10€ per pad, not so much.
The VH-11 seems to have only 3 position (closed, semi open and open) and I need to buy a 80-100€ pedal/stand a part.

700€ difference... Why buy the 15kv insted of 15k?

Part of the saving can be used for an additionl cymbal and pad or a better snare drum.

Please, can you help me to choose?
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I own (going on two years) and play every day the TD-15K. I did buy it for the cheaper price. I had to also purchase the throne, bags (to transport), Headphones, sticks and VST kit (cause the kits supplied just don’t cut it). As you mentioned, I did not have to buy a hi-hat stand.

I’ll tell ya what I know about this kit. It serves my purpose for practice for myself and with the band. The band loved the sound and especially the ability to control the sound level.

I was initially hesitant about playing the FD-8, but I tried it at the store and it convinced myself it would work for my needs. And it does. Though after 2 years of playing and a lot of improvements on my skills, I view the FD-8 as not quite sufficient. There’s little nuances I attempt to do and can’t quite get it. 99% of the time it works fine. I do not know if the VH-11 could step up to the plate and fulfill that missing nuance.

Comparing the pads… the 15K pads work great. It’s appears there is just a physical change (vs. a performance difference) on the 15KV where the snare and tom’s are more like a half shell shape, then the 15K molded bowl shape. I view the pad size as adequate. Instead of complaining about the size, I just view them as disciplinary means to make my striking the pad more precise.

The cymbals (K vs. KV) are the same. They work fine with me.

It’s so easy to pack up and transport as well.

With all that said, it’s time for me to upgrade to another kit. G.A.S. if you will but for other reason’s as well. We can talk about that if you want. I want to keep the 15K for practice.


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In your price range I would take a look at the Yamaha DTX 700K and the hihat stand is included too. Otherwise the TD-15KV is worth the extra $500US currency over the TD-15K. Try contacting RMC Audio Direct for great Roland pricing as I would think they would ship to your country..


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Tks for your usefull opinions.

For VST kit wich one? I have a small laptop with windows 8.1 pro and cubase elements 7...
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Thanks, the DTX700K is a good alternative (there was great discount in past months both for 700k and 750k) but at the moment it is dfficult to find 700k in Europe stores. I think that probably Yamaha can release a new model/variant in near future. Roland probably too (new models announced every 2-3 years in the past).

Must be considered import taxes and Italian VAT (about 30%) so 500$=500€ if not worse :-(. Also the US warranty it is not valid for Roland Italy.



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For VST kit wich one? I have a small laptop with windows 8.1 pro and cubase elements 7...

From V Expressions LTD I bought their Evolution set. V Expressions for Roland modules are pretty much Plug-n-Play. No need for a laptop or any other external hookup. Download from the site and transfer to your module. Load these 50 kits on your last 50 blank kits in the TD-15 module.

This thread convinced me to take the dive. VExpressions for TD-15 - WOW!

The folks are not kidding. Roland's embedded kits are OK at best. You will hear good things from these install paks.

Good luck.

PS: I did wind up buying Vdrumlib, a software program to easily mix and match the components of kits I wanted. Not necessary, but it makes things easier.


+2 on the evolution sets. Very happy


It's not usually advantageous to go cheaper and upgrade becasue the individual pieces will end up costing so much, but I bought the TD-11k (instead of the TD-11kv) and upgraded the pads, plus added another trigger (crash cymbal) and split the rack toms to add a fourth tom. so, it ends up like this, with a comparison to the TD-15kv thrown in:

TD-11KS/ Upgraded TD-11KS/ TD-15KV/

Snare: PDX-8/ PD-105/ PDX-100
Hi-hat: CY-5/ CY-5/ VH-11
Ride: CY-8/ CY-13R/ CY-13R
Crash 1: CY-8/ CY-8/ CY-12C
Crash 2: N/A / CY-8/ N/A
Tom 1: PD-8A/ PDX-8/ PD-85
Tom 2: PD-8A/ PDX-8/ PD-85
Tom 3: PD-8A/ PDX-100/ PDX-100
Tom 4: N/A/ PDX-100/ N/A
Kick: KD-9/ KD-9/ KD-9

Total: $900/ $2000/ $2800

Also, another vote for the VEX kits for the TD-11. I am also running Addictive Drums 2, most often using the Fairfax vol. 1 and 2 kits (2 has just been released)