Help on percussions for song live "Holidays" by Madonna from the Blonde Ambition Tour


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Hi Guys,

I have to work on the programmation for my drum boxes to cover this live version of Holiday by Madonna, my drummer will do the drums but cannot do the extra sound on his own of course:
Youtube Blonde Ambition Tour (Recorded in france, she says at the end of the show - Holidays is the last song - "je vous embrasse partout, I kiss you all everywhere").

So, during the intro, I can clearly hear:
2 Wood block, one high pitch, one lower
2 Cowbells, one high one lower
plus maybe a small cymbal or 12" close HH on top of the normal hat? os is it a Tambourine?
Plus the rest of the song seem to be the same even with variations, am I right?

let me know what you hear and if you have already covered it, do you have the charts for the percussions?

Let me know, thanks in advance