Help needed with new kit


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I'd rather go with a Yamaha Hipgig. Classy and well built. Yamaha's quality up and down their lines is top notch and resale values beat any other brand in my opinion.


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The RT can serve a purpose, I guess. But there's a lot of other kits I'd go for first.

What about it appeals to you?


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I contemplated the Pearl kit for church, because I am usually rushing around from work to get there with enough time to set up the kit. However, the church let me store my drums in a back room, so I just bought a new kit for home and gigging with my other band, so I leave my Pearl Exports at church now.

Anon La Ply

I've had a RT Gig kit for a few years. Some pros and cons:

  • Cheap
  • Light / easy lug
  • Small footprint
  • Not too loud or overpowering in laid back music
  • Easy, flexible drum adjustments

  • Toms don't sound as good as a normal kit - although not much difference when mic'd up with a full band sound
  • Snare is attached to the bass drum by one of the kit's funny octopus arms - a recipe for rattles

My solution was to replace the snare with my vintage Drouyn. Since I'm a timekeeper type of player, most of my notes come from BD, snare and cymbals. It depends on the style you;re playing. Small clubs and wine bars - perfect.