Help me with Mixing!


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Hello every one.

Im new to recording and I am useing multipul mics. Can some one offer some advice on a cheep mixing device.

I have 2 overhead mics 4 tom mics 1 snare mic and 1 bass drum mic.

Help some one!!


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Here is a great way to go.

The Presonus Firepod, Ad you computer, install the included Cubase LE and you are recording.



Korg 16 Track HDD Recorder? DAT Recorder? You have to be more specific.

Unless it has some built in processing, I suggest you set up a send/return with your computer and use it as an outboard device. As for 'mixing' help, we really need more specifics. What are you mixing? A full band? Just your drums?

If it's just your drums, I suggest you start with the overheads and then introduce everything else, starting with the bass drum and then the snare. The overheads are the key to the mix and often are in fact all that's needed. Without specifics, we really can't help you. To be honest, if you're asking for our help with mixing it, I wouldn't even bother with the tom mics. I really wouldn't - for the benefit of separation you get using them, the complications aren't worth it, unless you know what you're doing. Best to stick to overheads, bass and snare, in that order of importance.