Help me value a drum set?


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I am thinking of buying a pearl ex export series drums heat compression system shell drum set with Sabian cymbals(two crash and a hi-hat) and I was wondering how much it would be worth as owner doesn't know much about drums and wants us to make an offer (they were his sons) and I don't want to rip them off. Any ideas how many USD it would be worth?


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Yup ..... some photo's will help. Not only how old or new the drums are ...... but also what condition they're in, is important. And the same applies with the cymbals. Hi hats and 2 crashes ..... could be worth $100 ...... or $700. All depends in the make, model, size and condition.


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I have a like new EXX four piece shell pack for sale right now with no interest at $350. They are fine drums but there are so many out there for sale the prices are pretty low.. Shop around and you should find a great deal.