Help me decide on these mics


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A friend is selling a pair of AKG C451b studio condenser mics. These are awesome, top of the line, excellent condition, the pairs sell discounted for $1300. He's recorded me with them and I've heard them.

He is desperate, but I'm tight on cash too. He says to make him an offer. I don't want to take advantage or short him, but would it be too outrageous to offer him $200? I'd be lucky to afford that even. I could stipulate that he'd be free to use them for any recording projects he has in the future, so he'd have access to them whenever he needed.

Please advise.


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How old are they and what is an average price on eBay??


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How good a friend is he. It's a fine line if he's a good friend, you low ball him and he takes offense it could hurt your friendship. Bottom line is he said make an offer and if you want to get them tell him what you can afford to pay, all he can do is say no and hopefully won't be upset at your offer
BTW here's an ebay link they seem to be selling on there anywhere from $379-$679 new


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I just checked eBay. There are a bunch of singles in the $350 range. Offer your friend 7 bills.

Never take advantage of a friend.


Those are more money than earthworks. OUCH.

I hope the rest of your gear is commensurate with mics like that.


I have about $12,000 invested in the set, cymbals, accessories and mics, not counting the PA and mixer. The amount I would pay would be directly proportional to my cash and my need, neither of which is high.

Yeah, my line of logic was that if you invest in mics that are $700 a pair, the mixer, cables and monitors should all be commensurate with the performance to avoid that "weakest link" like any stereo system.

I have to imagine that the sheer density of your kit must make for fairly easy recording, since it probably doesn't have a lot of secondary resonances like DW collectors.