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I plan on ordering a shell pack in the next couple of weeks, and I have been tring to get as much information as possible. I am looking to spend around $700. My local Guitar Center does not carry DDRUM. I was tring to choose from a DDRUM defiant 7 piece (ebay. the single bass drum model) made out of basswood, or DDRUM Dominion Player AMX 4-Piece(musiciansfriend). My friend had a DDRUM Diablo which is made of basswood and I liked the sound of the kit. What is the difference in a snare that is (5.5 x 14) compare to (7x14) holding the type of wood constant. I like punk rock and rock music.

Mikey Dangerous

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The biggest differences in those snare sizes is volume (with the 7" being the louder), and tone (with the 7" being deeper and not as "tight" sounding).
I would strongly recommend that you shop used kits before you order a new shellpack. There's so many better options out there, and with used drums having a low resale value (even in mint condition) you can get a much better kit for about the same cost, and usually with cymbals or hardware, etc. included. Nothing against the kits you mentioned. but if you can end up with a higher quality kit without the additional expense and maybe get some extras on top of that, then it's a better deal for you. Right?

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