Heel-toe tension settings


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So I'm finally getting around to trying out heel-toe technique to make my doubles a bit more consistent rather than "somehow I've been faking it for 30 years". Mostly I'm doing this as I'm working through 4-way Coordination and want to try and be more consistent in my right foot.

If you're doing heel-toe, what kind of tension do you have on your pedal? Slightly more than average, or much more? My middle-of-the-road settings seem to feel way too floppy and I'm not sure if it's just because it's such a different technique than I'm used to or if the pedal has something to do with it.

Any advice is appreciated. TIA.
Hey man. Set spring loose...... so it swings freely....back and forth. Just My opinion.....works for me. Also same for heel down. All pedals set same way. Good Luck......."Lowdown" is a good place to start.
Good luck sir.
An acquaintance keeps his spring super loose doing heel-toe. So, there's some limited experience from here. I can play his pedal but I like a lot more tension. I probably don't do as much of the technique. Some. Not a lot. Just the Bonham triplet. Everything else, no.
It took me a long while to get that H-T pump action working.
Start slow with afforementioned Lowdown......... slowed down if you can.
and......work your way all the way up to....... "Hot for Teacher" on 1 pedal...I could do it for 2 seconds only.
"Just the 2 of Us" Bill Withers is good too.
I don't think there's a specific tension needed--I just try to find a nice sweet spot where I can both feather and play loud and fast. Both tight and loose pedals have their pros and cons.
I have no answers, just know you’re not alone. I’m working on it too. Sort of a medium setting for me right now, but who knows how it will end.
Used to have spring tension to the max (equals max speed, right?) but after dialing the tension back to maybe halfway heel toe is WAY better for me now.