Heads to get a sound like Coldplay's Will Champion?

so its 2:23am and i still cant decide which heads to get. a tone like will champions is what i'm after...i know he uses remos...and from trying to spy his drum heads in mannnnnyyyy pictures and videos tonight i know he uses coated batters and clear resos...fine....but WHICH i do not know so here's a list right now of what i'm going to order after i sleep a bit and get some java in the morning...

Remo Coated Emperors on tom batter
Remo Clear Ambassador's on tom reso ...on toms' and snare

i really just dont know about my kick.... powerstroke 3 or powersonic...i'm not sure i really like, astheticly or otherwise, the clip on dampening pad thing....something about buttons on the head of my head just doesnt sound gravy to me...or what about just a coated ambassador bass head? anyhow, assuming i'm going for a nice fat coldplay kick tone does anyone have any suggestions?