heads for 70s/80s maple Premier kit?


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i've got a 22/12/16 kit that is maple, not sure how many plies but has a reinforcement ring and am wondering which heads would be best for a warm punch.

stick to the coated G2s or Remo equivalent on the 12 & 16 or try something else? which heads for the kick?

also, res heads probably haven't been changed in years. can i get away with new batters and not replace reso's for a bit? if not, which heads for res?


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I would replace the reso heads because it's only a 3-piece kit so it won't cost much to do so, and if the resos haven't been changed in years then they're due. Big benefit to cost ratio in this situation, you know?
For toms, clear Remo Ambassadors are "the Standard" heads to use as resos. For the batter-side of the toms, probably Emperors or Pinstripes (coated for more warmth; clear if you want more attack and overtones). For the Bass drum, I would recommend a Powerstroke 4 for the batter and a Powerstroke 3 w/ pre-cut hole for the reso.

I'm making these recommendations because my Tama Artstar II is also an 80's maple kit and this is what I chose to go with (I chose clear Pinstripes for the tom batters btw). Keep in mind this is a general recommendation because I don't know exactly what sound you are trying to achieve, what style of music you play, etc. If you prefer Evans heads, below is a conversion of the Remo "equivalents" I mentioned above.

EC2--------------->Pinstripe/Powerstroke 4 (not exactly like either, but sort of like both)
EMAD------------>Powerstroke 3
EMAD2---------->Powerstroke 4

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I've got one of these kits too, as you know. I have clear G2s on it now, and it sounds like a typical rock kit. I like it better with coated heads, either G1/ambassadors or G2/emperors. I like warm sounds, but it's my teaching kit, and clear heads sound better longer, I've found. If I were to gig with it, I'd definitely put some coateds on it.