Head choice for 13" tom / 14" floor tom


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Just curoius to know your opinins on what heads (batter and reso) ) would be a good choice to 'seperate' the two toms on my ludwig '65 kit that are close in size.

I would like to be able to tune up the 13" without it sounding too choked and tune down the 14" to the point where it's just resonating without it sounding too slappy and papery.

Any suggestions?
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Your first head choice should always be Coated Ambassador batters and Clear Ambassador resonants (or equivalent heads from any other brand). Whatever you do, don't tune either drum outside its inherent tuning range. It's better to have two drums sounding great than one drum tuned too high and another too low.

If you feel adventurous, you can also try using a Clear Diplomat on the rack tom's resonant side.


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G1 Coated both drums, both sides. Nice warm sound without the hint of plastic that the clear heads would give you. Easy to tune, so you can put them where you want them.