head advices for mapex pro m

well i had the same problem bro...i just ordered some heads and i'll let you know how they turn out. i have a mapex pro m rock kit (bit bigger shells than normal kits) and heres what i settled on...

coated emporer's on tom batter
clear ambassadors on tom reso
emporer x on snare batter
ambassador medium on snare reso
coated powerstroke 3 on kick batter
ebony ambasssdor with 5'' port on kick reso

...i'm almost positive i will LOVE this combo and i know that anything will do better than the UT's that are on the kit now. i read that with bigger shell sizes (16, 18 for me) the emp's had a better tone than something like pinstripes which i was looking into for the muffling aspect...


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what type of sound are you looking for?

i use ATTACK white coated single ply heads on all my drums batter sides with the exception of the kick, where i use a single ply "no overtone" head.


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I've got a Pro M studio kit and a Gretsch Catalina Rock kit (big drums as well). My favorite heads are simply Evans G1 Coated. I'll be using them on everything in the future as I'm tired of trying all these fancy modern heads that aren't worth the money and trouble. I've got EC2s on the Mapex now and they are just a bit too dampened for my tastes although they have superior tone to say Remo pinstripes. I've had Fiberskyns on them before, but the dull attack just wasn't working out and they were strangely sensitive to the weather. I've got an EMAD2/EQ1 on the bass now, which is fine, but I'll probably just switch to g1 coated on both sides and use felt strips. Frankly, I'm tired of the plastic sound all these new heads give and so I'll stick with coated g1s. On the gretsch set, it's got g2 coated/g1 coated although g2s act a bit weird at times. The 26" bass has a EQ1/ G1, but I'll again probably just switch to all G1s because it's got that sort of dead sound to it. I guess I prefer the old fashioned 'natural' drum sound I hear from most of my favorite drummers who all just used single ply coated heads all the way around. These are the most basic and simplest heads out there. Easy to tune, sensitive, powerful, musical, and they don't have a plastic tone or attack like clear heads. Remo Ambassadors are OK as well, but from my experiences there are dud Remos out there. (I've had a batch of defective Aquarian coated heads as well). I'm staying with Evans for a while.