Has anyone seen this?? Switchkick

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Hey Guys and Girls,

Long time lurker first time poster.

I'm about to pledge $250 for all four Switch kicks. As a drummer and percussionist this looks amazing to me.

I'd love anyone's thoughts. Am I crazy? has this been done before?? I know there are some people on here that have seen "everything" but switching beaters for percussion work with one hand in a second is like a dream come true for me


Website http://www.drumconcepts.com



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I think Les posted a link before the Kickstarter page came out. I still like the concept but I'm going to wait to pledge just to see if any better rewards become available closer to the funding date. Weird that they're all limited tiers.


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I like the idea of swappable beaters, which Rogers touched on way back with the spring-loaded felt/hard beater head, and other companies have addressed somewhat with multi-surface beaters that you can twist into position. This looks like a very fast system.

My concern with the model here is the sturdiness, and the feel:

Does the beater feel like it vibrates or rattles when you play (and does that translate into a buzz if the head is mic'd right inside where the beater strikes?)

Will the pieces ever loosen to the point where they could start rattling, or fail?

Like a normal beater, will the shaft bend slightly over time, and does that affect the fit of the beater head?

I like a little variety, but I've never strayed from felt or hard plastic, and about every 10 years, the lamb's wool gets used, so really just a couple of those would appeal to me. More importantly, I've never felt the need to make a beater change on a gig - where this product would excel - and I doubt it would encourage me to do so.

But, barring any of the concerns above, it's very cool for those who can really exploit what it does!



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Okay, the Switch Kick is at NAMM (Drum Concepts, Hall D, booth 2469) and it's very cool! It does what it says: it's FAST, simple, smooth, and solid. Seeing it in action is much more convincing than the video. I can definitely see me using some of those beaters, and carrying the extras like I carry extra sticks in a stick bag.

I'm glad to see that it is becoming a reality (the project was funded - and then some - 5 days ago!) and I know Kevin and the crew will do well with it.