Has anybody blown or know how to fix a condenser microphone?

Kane Jordan

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I sing and play the drums in my band and I think blew my headset mic. I had just bought it a little over a month ago and it's good quality. It has a cord that I drape down my back while playing, but it still tends to get in the way of things. While playing a couple weeks ago, I noticed a crackle/pop noise coming from the monitors and realized that my mic cable was trapped underneath the foot of my throne. Ever since then, it hasn't worked. Any thoughts on how to get this rebooted without having to spend a mint on a new mic?

- Kane


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Are you good at disassembly of electronics, soldering wires and components, and reassembling electronics? If yes, find your mics schematics. If no, get a new one.

If it's just the cord, find the short and splice it.


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Just based on what you wrote, odds are the mic itself is fine, but there’s a broken contact in the plug that connects to the mic cable—assuming you have already tried a different mic cable. So to fix, you would disassemble that plug/socket and either resolder the connections or replace just that part.

Do try a different mic cable if you haven’t already.

No Way Jose

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First thing to check is the cable. You might plug the mic into an amp and bend the cable at various places, notice if you can reproduce the crackling sound.